Festivity and events

In Virå’s kitchen, there are all possibilities to organize a truly wonderful party, regardless of whether it is a birthday, christening or perhaps a wedding. In the romantic and cozy Viltköket, there is room for about 55 seated guests depending on the table setting and in Kvarnen, which is located with a view of the beautiful Virå park, there is room for about 70 guests depending on the table setting. If it’s summer and sunny, the aperitif with snacks can be served outdoors on the terrace.

After a culinary dinner with good drinks, we prepare the place for dancing and festivities. If the group wants to spend the night, there are plenty of beds in Jaktcampen, Åmundstorp, Norstugan and Källstugan

Virå is passionate about cooking with a focus on fantastic ingredients straight from the forest. We take care of all game that is felled on the farm’s grounds and see it as a matter of course to use every part of the meat in the best possible way. You are served tasty and tender venison from red deer, fallow deer, elk, wild boar, roe deer and duck. Depending on the season, mushrooms from Virå’s forests as well as locally produced vegetables and root vegetables are also served.

Party and wedding

Contact us for an unconditional meeting or quotation proposal for weddings or other larger dinners.


If you want to spend the night after the festivities, Virå can offer over 40 beds in a scenic setting right next to lake Virlången. Jaktcampen and Åmundstorp are located about 5 km from Viltköket.

Information and bookning

For information and booking accommodation, conferences or other events, please contact us.

Phone: 0155 – 748 93
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