Safety work at Virå

Every has a responsibility for your own and others safety. If you discover that someone breaks the rules of safety and puts others in danger you are required to correct them or intervene if neccesary. This must be reported to the assigned shooting leader who decides what actions to take. The shooting leader at the shooting cinema is appointed and employed by Virå Bruk. The shooting leader at Virå Sporting is either appointed and employed by Virå Bruk during instructed shooting groups, or appointed with in the group if they are shooting without instructor.

All guns are to be handled with the care and respect of a loaded gun. Inbetween shooting the guns should either be broken or have an open bolt, so everyone can see its unloaded. This is especially important when moving in the common areas around the shooting facilities and the assigned car parking. You are not allowed to touch another ones gun unless you have permission. You are not allowed to leave your gun unattended. You alone are responsible to know your weapons caliber and functions.

You are only allowed to load your gun in designated shooting stands after the assigned shooting leader has given verbal permission. In the shooting cinema the designated shooting stands are the five towers. At Virå Sporting it is the constructed shootingframes or the poles with cartridgeholders. ”Dry-fire” and ”test-aiming” is only allowed in the same places unless special permission has been granted by a an employe at Virå Bruk.

Intoxicated people are not welcome to shoot or even observe shooting at the locations above.

During all shooting you are required to wear appropriate safetygear, such as ear protection and eye protection.

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