In our shooting cinema you experience more huntingsituations than a whole huntingseason. We practise with rifles and live ammunition on moving game filmed in their natural scenery. If you wish you can rent rifles on site, we have many to choose from. Ammunition is provided on site aswell, we have all common calibers in stock. The system applies direct hit-indications wich results in an effective yet relaxed learningprocess.

This is a fun activity regardless if you are an experienced hunter who wants to improve or a begginner who wants to learn. All shooting is overseen by a staffmember who instructs and upholds safetyprecautions. 

How the shooting-cinema works:

  • Hunting video is projected on a 9x3m screen
  • A real cartridge is fired
  • The shotholes are backlit by infrared light
  • Hit-detection by fast infra- cameras stops the video
  • A red dot appears for 1 sec, showing the hit
  • The bullet stops in our bullet-trap of rubber material

Recommended setup

The shooting-cinema has five stands, if your group is larger you will be divided in to teams. Shooting in intervalls of ca 20-30min, during the breaks you and your rifle can cool down and maintain your focus. The booked time includes an initial safety-briefing and basic shooting instructions.


For those who wish to take their skill to the next level we recommend to book an instructor. The instructor assigned will give active instruction throghout your booked session. Focus will be put towards stance, handeling, swingtechnique, efficient reloading and more. Our goal is that you will be more comfortable in your choice of live huntingsituations.

Rifles & Ammo

In the Shooting-cinema we use rifles chambered in ”klass 1”-calibers such as 308 win. You are welcome to bring your own huntingrifle and papers, or you rent one from us. The rifles availabe for rent are the same models we sell in the store, making it a good opportunity to try something new. Ammunition FMJ is available in all common calibers.

Safety at Virå Bruk

We are continuesly working with safetyprecautions to prohibit accidents. However if anything were to happen we have multipel defibrillators and a stretcher. First aid kits are available on all shootingranges, the hunting store, the restaurant and in our company veichles. In the premesis and lakeside cottages we have fire extinguishers and blankets. As the cottages are situated in the outskirts of the estate we have boards with instructions how to get help there.

All employees are regurlary trained in CPR with defibrillator.

Information and booking

For information about our Shooting-cinema, Clay Shooting or reservation please contact us.
Phone: 0155 – 748 93
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