Shooting tunnels

Situated in the center of the hunting store lies our two underground tunnels, 100 & 200m, with digital hit-detection. These are perfect for zeroing riflescopes in a controlled enviroment.

The access to both 100 and 200m makes it ideal for setting up high magnification scopes with ballistic towers. A MagnetoSpeed unit, measuring V0 m/s can be mounted for the occasion for 250:-.

Thermal and digital riflescopes can also be zeroed. If you need assistance or advice we are always available.

The service of Mounting and Zeroing a new riflescopes is charged 650:- if the scope is bought elsewhere.

Prices, with access to both tunnels, 30min 425:-, 60min 625:-. Has to be booked in advance to ensure availability, see book-shooting.

Safety at Virå Bruk

We are continuesly working with safetyprecautions to prohibit accidents. However if anything were to happen we have multipel defibrillators and a stretcher. First aid kits are available on all shootingranges, the hunting store, the restaurant and in our company veichles. In the premesis and lakeside cottages we have fire extinguishers and blankets. As the cottages are situated in the outskirts of the estate we have boards with instructions how to get help there.

All employees are regurlary trained in CPR with defibrillator.

Information and booking

For information and booking accommodation, conferences or other events, please contact us.
Phone: 0155 – 748 93
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